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About me

I joined the video club in July 2002, as I had been editing films on computer since the previous February, and had learnt enough to know I needed some help. The club has 60 members and meets monthly. Probably about 45 members are active, and they make some very impressive films, either as individuals, or as part of fairly fixed groups. Click here to visit the club website.

Who are the OddBods?

Once or twice a year, the club splits into groups to complete a project in a semi competitive spirit. I joined the club in 2002, and the year after all the recent new members were put together with a long standing member as mentor, and we decided to call ourselves 'The OddBods'.   This is the first film we made.   

Film in an Evening

The Club annually has a competition where various film making groups, both long term groups and those created for the competition, make a film around a central 'theme' Although planning and rehearsals take place in advance,  the film shown to members has to have been made entirely on the same evening. This originally meant that the film had to be edited 'in camera'.  Filming takes place between 7.00 PM and 9.00 PM, and the films are watched at the club house from 9.30 onwards.

It was based on the theme for the following years IAC North v South competition, 'unexpected guests'.

The film aside was made for film in an evening, and the video below is made from some film I took of us in action, plus a few out takes.

Another time the club splits into groups is an editing exercise, although individual entries are also allowed. These exercises vary from year to year, but on a couple of occasions we have been given an hour or so of totally random footage, usually supplied by the club committee, and have to make some sort of story out of it. We can add soundtrack and narrative, music etc and speed up or slow down the clips chosen.  The first one, Breaking News, was vey much a group effort with our mentor Paul doing the edit, the second 'A Crowded World' was my edit, after a meeting of some of the group for ideas, after which we all went away and did our own from the ideas that took our fancy or that we came up with ourselves.

As time went on the membership of the OddBods changed a bit, lost a few, gained a few, and our Films In An Evening got more ambitious. As laptops got more powerful we were able to edit on the spot, using our normal editing software. We put the following films into the southern heat of the respective years NvS competition. Here they are, The First Woman, Rooks on the Roof, and Just in Case. All got through the southern heat, ie top 5 of the southern entries, although none were placed in the final, but considering that they were made in a couple of hours (plus some preparation), a great result. I was Director of The First Woman, and camera operator on the other two.


This next film was more tongue in cheek, and therefore not entered into any competitions - other than Film in an Evening itself. This version has been tweaked a bit - not much - from the version made in the evening, by adding some rehearsal footage which flowed better. I was the editor on this occasion, using a borrowed laptop, tapes being passed to me at regular intervals.
Our most ambitious Film in an Evening yet, 'Office of Special Interest', made in 2011, in which we invited some Amateur Dramatic (and semi professional) actors along, and this required very little polishing after the night itself, mostly due to the actors getting it right every time. This film has made the rounds of IAC competitions with very creditable results. I was camera operator, using a 'prosumer' Hi Def camera and tripod supplied by another member of the team, who edited it as we went along on his very powerful laptop, using Edius 6.

The Golden Girls

The ladies amongst us decided, in 2008, to make a ladies only film, so that we had a chance to be involved with the more 'techy' aspects, and formed a group we called the Golden Girls. So far only one film has been made, Home Alone. The lady whose idea it was specifically wanted to create atmosphere using music. We won the club prize 2008 for 'Best use of Sound'

Surrey Border has recently started to enter a competition run by a number of South Coast clubs, the Albany Competition, and this was our entry in 2011, made by volunteers from the whole club. It won 1st prize and we 'hosted' the competition in 2012, although using the usual south coast venue, for the convenience of the majority of the clubs. I was merely a 'gofer' for this film, mostly running alongside the cameraman holding an umbrella, to protect him - or more importantly, the camera - from the rain. However, I did drive my maroon Polo which.........well, watch the film. I even appear briefly. The actors were a similar team to those used in Office of Special Interest.

A couple of years ago, another group of members decided to make a film using a well known joke, and I asked to help out as this group included two retired professional cameramen, and they know all about placing the camera, interesting angles, and lighting, and I thought being a gofer would give me a chance to learn a few things. Well.......the director accepted my help gladly, but then asked if I would do a couple of scenes where 'Grandad' and 'Grandma' suffer accidental deaths. The whole thing, planning, filming, editing, location, even cast, was down to me. I could picture what I wanted to do, and invited a couple of friends (anyone who's seen my holiday videos will recognise them) to play the roles, and duly made the two scenes. Very short, literally, blink and you'll miss them. The director and I did have some amusing emails where he was checking up how I was getting on 'Have you killed them yet?' 'I've killed off Grandad, still working on Grandma', but luckily GCHQ didn't intercept them and I'm still here to tell the tale. Last Prayer

2004 Gillian Gatland

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