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About me

We holidayed here in 2008, and we also had a few days in the refurbished Rasa Sayang in Penang at the end. The hotel we chose in Langkawi was the Malay owned  Holiday Villa, Tengah Beach  which was very reasonably priced, but offered much the same amenities as the international chain hotels. 

Just opposite the hotel was a small restaurant, Cactus, basically a large tin hut, but the food and atmosphere was great. Although the hotel food was good and not too expensive, this place had much more atmosphere, and seemed more authentic.
The hotel had a small business arcade which included a company that did tours by minibus. You can choose your own itinerary, we chose to include the Skywalk, an amazing structure high in the mountains to the north of the island, reached by cable car.  
The same excursion included a boat trip around the northern coast, and took in a fish 'farm', a cave and a sea eagle and red kite (mostly red kite) feeding area.
We went by taxi to a night market, which starts in the afternoon, so it's still daylight:) Lots of things to buy and food to eat.

We also took a trip from the port area of the main town out around the many small islands to the south, Langkawi is in fact the name of the whole collection of islands, although only the large one is developed. One island has large interior freshwater lake, on which you can have a pedalo ride. There is also a beach visit for snorkelling, and another sea eagle feeding area, this time with more sea eagles than kites. Langkawi is named for the Eagles, Lang being short for 'helang' meaning eagle.

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