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Hong Kong - We've been here several times, as we can rarely fly direct to our destination, we have to come in wherever BA fly that we can get seats to, then go on to our final destination using local airlines.
Getting around is easy, buy an Octopus card at the airport, similar to London's Oyster card (though the HK version predates London by nearly a decade and can be used on more forms of transport, and in some shops) and take the train into the city. The MTR, which is mostly but not always underground, goes pretty well everywhere, but the best way to get to HK Island, at least once, is the Star Ferry.

Whilst on Hong Kong Island, there are several trips, visiting Victoria Peak being one of them. Take the escalators up through the residential areas, then take the Peak Tram the rest of the way. The views at the top are fantastic, even though it is often hazy. Imagine looking down on the skyscrapers! Also visit Stanley Market, an interesting bus ride away on the south side of HK Island, and also Aberdeen, the home of the giant floating restaurants.

On the Kowloon side, there is the waterfront area, and shops, plus take the train further inland and find a night market. On one of our visits Hong Kong was celebrating it's 10th anniversary of being part of China. While we were there this included a laser and firework display on the Hong Kong Island waterfront skyscrapers, while people lined the Kowloon waterfont 'Street of the Stars' to watch. 

Macau - On one of our weekends in Hong Kong we made a trip over to Macau by ferry from the Hong Kong Island ferry terminal. Unfortunately on that holiday my camcorder was faulty, although I did not discover it until I had taken over an hour of film, so this clip includes some of the faulty film - on the basis it's better than nothing - and ends rather abruptly as I have no more useable film at that point. Macau is now very much the Las Vegas of the far east, but we ignored the casinos and made for the old town instead, and also visited the A-Ma temple dedicated to the goddess of sailors and fishermen, Matzu. There is a museum next door to this temple which is well worth a visit, but you'll have to take my word for that as the film ends at it's door.

Singapore - This is another city we arrive and depart from, and have spent odd weekends at the beginning and end of holidays. It's a fascinating city, modern and clean, but with plenty of reminders of it's colonial past. Great for shopping, but also places to relax in.

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