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Thailand 1 (Pranburi & Koh Samui)

Thailand2(ChiangMai & Phuket)'new'

New York

Western USA

Cornwall, England

The Algarve, Portugal



Florida Everglades   -    Tamiami Trail  

Athens, Greece

South of France 


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My Surrey Border Films- Films I have made with other club members.

miscellaneous and one off films Destinations where there is not enough film to have a page to itself, or individual events, projects, etc.

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This site is my way of sharing my films with friends and family, and with  anyone else who happens to find it. It has mostly travel videos of our holidays, one off subjects that take my fancy, and some club projects, (see the video club link at the bottom of the page). I started this site in early 2004, pre Youtube, although I now make use of its' video hosting capabilities, and it's still growing, so come back again later and see what's new. 

The travel destination pages listed on the left have both directly embedded YouTube videos and my comments about each place, plus some extra links relevant to each place that may be useful. 

The videos on this front page can also be found on the relevant destination page or the Miscellaneous Films page.

A sail around Table Bay, Capetown

see the Cape Province page

Las Vegas!

see Miscellaneous Films page

The Last Hunt? Boxing Day 2004

see the Miscellaneous Films page

A Cornish Quarry?

See Cornwall page

Requiem for Concorde

see the Miscellaneous Films page

Tropical Rain!

see Thailand page

'Chill Out' on the canal.

 one hazard after another. 

Also on Miscellaneous Films page

Krimml Falls, Austria

Borneo Sunset

The Streets Of Rome

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